Always be sure to do your own art too - it will change your life for the better!
Always be sure to do your own art too - it will change your life for the better!
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Travel Journal 101

Travel Journal 101


Welcome to ‘Travel Journal 101’ - a friendly Facebook Group that comes together to strengthen and expand each of our own skills and appreciation for the art of Travel Journals in all their forms.


I started this group based on my own experience working in the Museum and Archives field. Over more than 30 years in that work, I met so many people visiting the Archives desperate to find out something about one or more of their ancestors. They might have known where an ancestor was born and died, perhaps where they worked....but often, they knew little else. If that ancestor had only left something behind, all those descendants would perhaps learn from their wisdom, revel in their humour, or find themselves steeped with inspired awe - an awe that would send them on their own path to see new places and meet people, experience new things, and to step outside their comfort zone to where your soul really grows. When that happens, I believe we are all become better human beings.


How wonderful would it be to know that one of your grandchildren was inspired by your travel journal sketches and writing? Now that’s a real legacy to leave!


So this is a bit of my own particular philosophy on all this Travel Journal encouragement. :-)


Travel Journal 101 is for everyone - the seasoned Hiker, Paddler or Travel Journal writer as well as for the newbie! You only need a willingness to share your wisdom with others who are keen to record their travels and share them with their families and friends and beyond.


Please don’t let yourself be lost to history - lost to your own family’s history or to the wider community’s history. You can do this….you can create a Travel Journal. There are baby-steps you can take and, deep down, you know you really want to do this. This can be so simple to start – let us all help you get going!


I know you can do this! This Facebook group can help you!


After you do your first Travel Journal, I also know you’ll be hooked. And when you are hooked, I hope you will keep posting lots of those little sketches and watercolours and descriptions. You’ll have lots of tips and tricks too, and we would all be richer if you share that wisdom here on Travel Journal 101.


Please go to Facebook and search for the group: Travel Journal 101 and join in and post you descriptions and sketches and little journal watercolour washes. We will all learn so much form each other!

Please sign up here and you'll get lots more about Travel Journals that you can put into action!

Finally, if you want to get started right away, then you can download a FREE special PDF Weekend Travel Journal that I’ve made just for that purpose. To get that Weekend Travel Journal, just click here.

Happy Travels!!!